Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Facebook the thief

In the wake of Facebook blocking access to my account after deciding that they wanted me to send them a copy of my drivers license and social security card, I requested that they delete my account including all text, messages and photographs. They have failed to do so which means they have taken my work without payment but then, that's what Facebook is all about.

The reason Facebook is free is because its a great big data collection scam. It's like the laughing gas dentists give to patients to hide the pain of drilling and filling. It's very similar also to GHB - the infamous rape drug. People are lured in by pleasure and while they're being pleasured they're prompted for ever more personal information.

Let's connect you with old school friends, old work mates, long lost relatives etc. Then the Facebook messenger app allows Facebook to track in real time, your every movement. They can work out approximately which stores you visit, which places you visit, how often and with whom. If somebody in your friends list is in the same series of locations, its a fair bet that you're together. Indeed, if Facebook was served with a subpoena by a jilted wife, they could tell exactly where the errant husband had been 24*7 and which other Facebook users had been in the vicinity of their husband, particularly at night!

The fact Facebook doesn't delete data, ever, is scary. This is an organization with the same data collection techniques as the CIA, KGB and GCHQ. In fact, they have more information than the aforementioned combined. Being a commercial rather than a government entity means that nobody notices that what they're really doing is spying on the entire world population.

Facebook is, without a shadow of a doubt, the most sinister threat the world has faced in peacetime. All this data and it is all for sale. Who knows, Facebook could already be selling data to governments around the world that want to monitor their citizens.

Check the junk mail you receive - how closely does it relate to things you've looked at on Facebook? Check your spam - how closely does that relate? How about your junk phonecalls? And the door knockers! If you've told Facebook where you work (which they know already from your geolocation during working hours) how much junk mail do you receive at work? Those silent robo calls - are they really silent or are they trying to listen into background noise in order to ascertain what's happening in your location. Those few seconds before you hang up can give valuable information.

Don't believe the evil of Facebook? Try to delete your account!

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